Well-Cherished Urban Forest at Anandvan 2 burnt to Ashes this Afternoon

It’s not just a criminal act but completely inhuman. AnandVan(AVMM) Pune condemns this kind of shameful act.
Almost 70% of AnandVan Urban Forest 2 is destroyed in this massive fire spread today afternoon.
Blazes were so intense that it has burnt hands of our volunteers when they were fiercely fighting to extinguish this fire.
Just remember without trees, all hope of the future generations will be lost.
Forests are the lifeline and only natural oxygen chambers of our world.
Without them, we lose extraordinary and important functions for life on Earth.
It’s a wake-up call for all the people to act now and save our forests
It’s Now or Never, so please contact us to check how you can support us to make and save our forests .

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