Celebrating Birthday at Anandvan Pune

It was a Sunday morning to beat all Sundays.
Today, Vedika and her gang of little friends came to Anandvan. It was her birthday 🎂 and she decided to celebrate with her gang of friends.
The celebration was unique as the little munchkins put in a lot of effort in bagging soil and husk and deweeding at the Anandvan nursery. The concentration and enthusiasm they brought was overwhelming.
A big Thank you to Raghav, Kaustauv, Vedika, Arjun, Chaavi, Vedika, you guys were super awesome and the plants at Anandvan are now your friends forever. And thank you to Vedika’s parents Sharad and Nidhi Bhuraria for celebrating Vedika’s special day in such a special way!
See you again and again at Anandvan!

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