Environment Training Workshop

At the core of our mission lies the objective of reconnecting people again with nature, especially children. Children, especially urban children today have access to modern electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and television. They are regularly bombarded by direct or indirect advertisements with a goal to make them consume more and more goods and products. Result is most children love to throng shopping malls while excessive consumption is pushing the environment to the edge. Our children are also being exposed to crazy psychological pressures because of the competitive nature of education as well as peer pressure. Bouts of depression are becoming common among our children. It is scientifically proven that being and working with nature can be extremely effective in supporting physical as well as mental health.

At Anandvan we have designed field environmental training workshops based on age groups  where we impart on the ground training to students covering tree plantation and nurturing, soil and water conservation, knowledge of local species of tree, birds, butterflies, bees as well as handling or waste. We are tying up with schools and educational institutes and making these parts of their curriculum.