Accidental Fire at Anandvan 1 Early in the Morning Today

This morning was not a usual morning for Anavdvan .
Resident nature lovers around Anandvan made immediate calls to Anavdvan committee members . This was to rush in Anavdvan for fire fighting .
Cause of fire outbreak was very uncommon and shocking . One innocent kite fell victim of the overhead electrical wires and caught fire falling down on dry grass area .
A big portion of Anandvan was on fire but it was because of the vigilant nature lovers and citizens who alerted the committee members to run towards Anandvan and extinguish the fire .
Forest fires are not very easy to control .
Anandvan team came to rescue and got control over the fire .
Nature and Anandvan lovers have really played a very important role in alarming and alerting everyone to save Anavdvan from this scary nightmare.

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