Growing a Green Legacy: AV Nurserys Flourishing Endeavors at Anandvan

As mentioned in our earlier posts, a small area of Anandvan has been designated for carrying out experiments with plants, seeds, soil, tools, etc., and implementing new ideas and techniques for future developments. During this summer, more than 1000 seeds of local varieties like Sonsawar, Neem, Mango, Karwand, Drumstick(Sahjan), Arjun, Jack-fruit, Tulsi, Ber, Imli, Jamun, etc were sown by digging shallow trenches using cocopeat and fertile soil. With regular watering, proper care, and nurturing, the seeds have grown into young saplings and reaching the right size to be transplanted at the appropriate location in Anandvan in the near future. It is indeed heartening to see our efforts bearing fruits. Soon we will be planting them across AV and seeing them grow into trees. Another small step towards enhancing green cover in Pune.

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