Anandvan Welcomed the Senior Leadership Team of AXA Business and 25 of Their Team Members from Pune

AnandVan(AVMM) team had a fantabulous day with AXA Volunteers as a company is very responsible for addressing and solving environmental issues, AXA believes that climate change is a big environmental problem that humanity will face over the next coming years, we all should create an action plan to achieve a world that is more respectful towards nature and environment
Today morning, Anandvan welcomed the senior leadership team of AXA Business and 25 of their team members from Pune, who helped in planting 25 beautiful native trees (NEEM)and they pledge that they would try to create a powerful impact on environmental issues and work towards it.AXA also urged its team members to be a part of the urban forest movement initiated by Anandvan.
Axa’s business has always been helping AnandVan in various ways by donating solar pumps, water bodies, plantation drives, and much more.

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