20 Members of the Kulshreshtha Community Visit AVMM on Teachers’ Day

Today AnandVan(AVMM) Pune had 20 members of the Kulshreshtha community who live in various parts of Pune got together after Anandvan on Teacher’s day. Most of these members were senior citizens. They combined their community function on Teacher’s day to serve the environment. With the help of the Anandvan team, they planted saplings, received insights into techniques used in forest restoration and soil enrichment. Anandvan team gave them a tour of Anandvan and demonstrated various Ayurvedic trees. The Anandvan team also shared information on the importance of bees in the existing ecosystem. The Kulshreshtha community felicitated Kumar’s uncle and other teachers amongst them on the occasion and committed their support through volunteering as well as contributed funds for nurturing.

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