Danyantri Yoga Group Volunteer for Tree Plantation Activity at Anandvan

AnandVan(AVMM) applauds the Danvantri yoga group from Salisbury Park, who took out time for tree plantation
This is an excellent way to give back to the community where you took birth and have been raised with love, care and respect.
Planting one tree is quite an applauding job that doesn’t just please you when you do it, but also fills your heart with joy whenever you see that tree growing happily .
It’s a lifetime memory that always reminds you that you have planted a tree and given this treasure to community.
Just like we nurture our lives it’s the same with trees,nurturing is also an important aspect.
Please join us this “Thanks giving week “for volunteering at Anavdvan .
Join the global Urban Forest movement started by AVMM-Anandvan Foundation.

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