Urban Forests

An urban forest is a forest, or a collection of trees, that grow within a city, town or a suburb. It typically consists of native plants that support local fauna.

  1. An Urban Forest generates higher ecological value per unit of area at a fraction of initial as well as maintenance cost relative to a typical garden or park.
  2. Delivers immense benefits to mental and physical health of the stressed city dweller. Attention Restoration Theory goes on to demonstrate tangible improvements in medical, academic and other outcomes, from access to nature and wilderness.
  3. Air pollution reduction, Water table restoration, Re-introduction to native trees with medicinal and cultural importance, refuge for Birds, Bees and Butterflies that are vital to a healthy ecosystem.
  4. The Urban citizen has a much bigger influence on policy makers and media. By reconnecting urban citizens with nature and forests, we can hope to draw attention to larger environmental issues including remote forest areas.