Anandvan Dense Forest

Japanese botanist and ecologist Akira Miyawaki, one of the renowned experts on forest ecology, devised the Miyawaki Method of planting forests in 1980s. The technique enables creation of highly dense Urban Forests that grow rapidly and consists of a mix of densely packed trees and shrubs.

Anandvan Dense Forestation technique (ADF) is an  adaptation of Miyawaki Afforestation Technique. Based on our experimentation and experience, we have perfected the technique for local conditions taking into account native species of trees, soil and terrain, types of manures used.

We recommend ADF projects for land parcels that are smaller in size, starting from a 2000 square feet  to an acre. These are suitable for Institutes, Industries, Govt. offices that have small portions of unused land that can be converted into a dense mini forest that can bring the tranquility and life nourishing elements of forests to your surroundings.