Our Story

Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!
2013, the patch of road bisecting the reserve forest at the end of NIBM road, Kondhwa, Pune had become a spot for dumping waste. PMC had removed the garbage collection bin placed there years ago but the spot had retained it’s identity. As new societies came up in the vicinity, the place and the patch of reserved forest next to it became a defacto dumping yard. Construction debris, household waste, trash from restaurants and even clinical waste it all came. No one but anti social elements frequented the place for substance abuse as one Mr. Praveen Kumar was to find to his utter dismay.

Praveen Kumar Anand, had moved to Pune from the National Capital Region attracted by Pune’s much milder climate and greener surroundings. He however was shocked to see the state of this forest patch close to his home. He was moved by the orphaned saplings, buried under debris and trash so started taking care of them. It was hard for him to bring water everyday from home but he persisted.

Months went by as he pleaded with people to help to no avail but gradually things changed, first a single person joined him, then another and then gradually it became a citizen’s movement. With years of immense hard work and care behind it, today the same forest patch stands transformed into a pristine forest full of native trees and birds aptly called “Anandvan” .. the forest of Joy!

What we are Doing?

  • Jan 2013

    The journey of “Anandvan (the forest of Joy)" started !

  • Apr 2022

    Anandvan Mitra Mandal(AVMM) became Anandvan Foundation (Indian Non-Profit Organisation).

  • Jan 2023

    Journey of reviving and conservation of forests in urban areas continued and so far 115+ Acres Forests have been Revived.

Our Team