Botanical name: Lagerstroemia speciosa | Hindi: रान किरण | Marathi: आकाश शेवगा |English name: Tamhan


Tamhan, also known as Pride of India, boasts a majestic presence. Its scientific name is Lagerstroemia speciosa. This deciduous tree can reach up to 30 meters tall, adorning the landscape with its elegant form. Glossy, dark green leaves adorn its branches throughout the year, turning vibrant red before falling in winter. The crown jewel of the Tamhan is its stunning flower clusters. Appearing in late summer and early fall, these panicles hold numerous vibrant blossoms. The flowers come in various shades of pink, purple, mauve, and even white, adding a breathtaking splash of color. Their distinctive crepe-like texture and long blooming period make them a true visual delight.

Interesting Facts

Medicine and Wellness
Medicinal Uses: Traditional medicine utilizes various parts of the Tamhan tree. Bark and leaves are used for their potential anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, and wound-healing properties. They are also believed to help with respiratory problems and skin conditions. However, scientific evidence regarding these uses is limited, and potential side effects exist. Consulting a healthcare professional before using Tamhan for medicinal purposes is crucial.
Culture and Belief

Cultural & Traditional Significance: Tamhan holds deep cultural significance in India. It’s the state flower of Maharashtra, revered for its beauty and resilience. In Hindu mythology, worshipping Lord Brahma with Tamhan flowers is believed to bring prosperity. The vibrant blooms are used in religious ceremonies, weddings, and festive decorations. Its presence symbolizes auspiciousness and new beginnings. In some regions, the wood is used for crafting religious objects and musical instruments.

Bees, Butterflies, Birds: 3Bs of healthy environment.
Environmental Impact: Tamhan contributes positively to the environment in several ways. Its dense foliage provides shade and shelter for birds and other animals. Its strong root system helps prevent soil erosion, especially on slopes and embankments. As a flowering tree, it attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies, promoting biodiversity. The vibrant blooms also bring aesthetic beauty to gardens and landscapes.

Anandvan Trivia Quiz

Question 1:  Which Indian state designated me as its state flowering tree?

Answer: Tamhan, the Pride of India, adorns the official title of state flower for Maharashtra. This majestic tree, with its cascading blooms in various shades of pink, purple, and white, has captivated the hearts and imaginations of the people for centuries. Its designation as the state flower holds significant cultural and environmental significance. The selection of Tamhan wasn’t just about its undeniable beauty. It embodies several characteristics that resonate deeply with the Maharashtrian spirit. Its resilient nature, thriving in diverse conditions, mirrors the strong and adaptable spirit of the people. The long-lasting blooms, adorning landscapes for months, symbolize the enduring traditions and rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra. Additionally, Tamhan’s religious associations with Lord Brahma further connect it to the cultural fabric of the state. Beyond its cultural significance, Tamhan plays a crucial role in the environmental well-being of Maharashtra. Its dense foliage provides shade and shelter for diverse wildlife, contributing to the state’s biodiversity. The strong root system helps prevent soil erosion, particularly in the hilly regions, protecting the land and its resources. Additionally, its vibrant blooms attract pollinators, promoting the health of various plant ecosystems. Therefore, Tamhan’s designation as the state flower isn’t merely symbolic; it acknowledges its deep connection to the cultural identity and environmental well-being of Maharashtra. It serves as a reminder of the state’s rich heritage, resilient spirit, and commitment to preserving its natural beauty. So, the next time you see a Tamhan in bloom, remember that it’s not just a beautiful tree; it’s a symbol of Maharashtra’s pride and environmental consciousness.


Picture credit: balajijagadesh

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