Pune Ploggers Get Along with Anandvan Team to Clean Toxic Trash in the Urban Forest Environs

AnandVan(AVMM) Pune appreciates the support of Pune ploggers.
The young team of volunteers who joined us at AnandVan 2 helped us to clear the litter.
Every piece of trash we throw is deposited in a landfill means it is dangerous for birds, nature or wildlife
Cleanups also restore these creatures’ habitats.
Our volunteers found that the most littered items include:
Cigarette butts
Food wrappers
Plastic bottles
Disposable cups
Grocery bags
AnandVan request people to stop littering as plastic litter is the most common killer of animals.
So it’s time to discuss potential solutions. Contact AnandVan Pune to check how we can fight back against litter in Urban forests.
Take a proactive approach by joining AnandVan Pune (The Urban Forest Movement)

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