AVMM Plants a Special Tree to Celebrate the Birthday of our Nisha Aunty

AnandVan(AVMM) team celebrate birthday of our Nisha Aunty by planting a tree which is always special.
Usually People plan their birthday with a cake or a glittering friends party which have become a tradition to celebrate a birthday.
Don’t you want to make it extra special and unique by planting and nurturing a tree!
By planting a tree, you nourish a beautiful new life which is so fresh, loving & appealing.
This will help us in reducing the effects of climate change and improving our forest green blanket while rebuilding biodiversity and adopt sustainable living.
As the world is healing from the pandemic, let us choose to be the green ambassadors.
Plant a tree with AnandVan Pune on your birthdays.
Be a part of our Urban Forest Movement .

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