AnandVan(AVMM) Team Wishes Our Founder Member Mr Neerav Kulshreshtha a Very Green Happy Birthday

We all understand how trees help Earth in refining the air and consuming the carbon from the atmosphere. Trees are important as they are significant elements of our ecosystem, they give us oxygen, stabilise the soil, conserve water, stabilise the climate and give life to our planet .
AnandVan encourages that we all must plant trees and nurture it on every possible occasion like birthdays, Anniversary and so on
Mr Neerav kulshreshtha chose to celebrate his special day by planting a tree and see how the birthday tree grows as you grow.
If we plant a tree on our birthday, the world will have billion and trillions trees soon.
So let’s make this special day more meaningful and celebrate your birthday with AnandVan Pune by planting a tree .

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