Anandvan team Clean-up drive with Prajakta foundation

Anandvan team on streets to clean up Nibm- Pune.

Garbage is a very big issue everywhere in Pune and India. We all complain while passing by, sitting on the couch. But do we really care to walk a bit more toward finding a feasible Solution.
In the last few days, Nibm- Undri Road forum is really working hard with us to resolve this issue so we all can get a clean and green neighborhood.
Prajakta Foundation has also joined hands with the Anandvan team and the Nibm Undri Road residents forum for a clean and green Nibm road.
Today a significant difference is seen from Nibm Chowk to Palace orchard society.
Thanks to all volunteers and everyone who is part of this initiative.
We urge residents to join this movement for garbage-free and green Nibm Road.
The pictures and videos attached speak more than words we guess.
And this is just the beginning.

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