AVMM Team Plants 25 Varieties of Native Trees and Rare Herbs at Anandvan Nursery This Season

AnandVan(AVMM) Pune Nursery.
An amazing place where plants are grown from seeds to saplings. We work towards nurturing plants, transplanting, pruning, watering, etc. Our prime aim is to transplant these saplings to later become a part of a beautiful Urban forest.
This season we have planted 25 different varieties of native trees and rare herbs.
We record information about plants and plant growth and also evaluate the quality of plants or crops and clean work areas by removing weeds, and maintain grounds and landscaping.
The Anandvan nursery is being ably managed by Dr. Nisha Bhonsleji with the active support of Jyotiji, Shwetaji, Srinidhiji, and other volunteers.
The nursery is a very dedicated job requiring a lot of patience throughout the year.
We would like to thank Kumar’s Uncle who has allowed us to work at this amazing and soothing place called AnandVan Pune.
We have numerous and different varieties of saplings grown in the nursery to date.

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