AVMM Team Celebrates the Festival of Dusshera by Reestablishing its Pledge to Save the Planet and its Divine Flora and Fauna

AnandVan(AVMM) Pune team celebrated the Dussehra festival by worshiping the tools that we use to make an urban forest.
It was a happy sight to see our young Anandvan volunteers doing preparations for the Pooja.
Deforestation has already caused both global warming and pollution. So we have to save the trees to save the planet.
Let’s pledge and uniquely create ecological balance by creating more urban forests by planting and nourishing trees.
This is perhaps one of the reasons why our ancestors considered trees and forests equivalent to gods and goddesses and worship them as divine elements.
Kumar Uncle wishes everyone “Happy Dussehra, may you and your family be showered with positivity, wealth, and success.
Stay healthy and stay cheerful!”

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