Stop Destroying Nature!

Who is really to blame for the above pictures? These are clicked today morning at Anandvan
Within just two days of Anandvan opening its gates for everyone.
It’s so disheartening and shocking to see that people are not taking care of our Anandvan our nature.
Destroying the plants, plucking the leaves, fruits and flowers which is the food for the entire survival of the ecosystem is not acceptable.
It takes so many years and needs so much maintenance to grow just one tree.
And while some of us can’t plant ,grow or even nurture start destroying it.
Be responsible enough to understand we all connected with Anandvan are doing this selflessly for all of us and please respect nature by helping Anandvan grow more trees and not destroying them.
As we all know that wildlife populations are in freefall around the world, driven by human overconsumption, population growth.
As there is a saying that Mother Earth can survive without human species but it needs all the other species to survive and this is being witnessed here at Anandvan today .
Let’s stop exploiting and destroying nature?
Looking forward for your cooperation

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