Mr. Rahul Patil Ji and Mr. Sanas along with Pune Forest Department Staff, Visit Anandvan 1 and Anadvan 2

It’s always a pleasure to have a strong motivator and high-ranking officer like Mr. Rahul Patil Ji DCF(IFS) Department of forests-Maharashtra state to support and inspire Anandvan for its various environmental activities.
Today Mr. Rahul Patil Ji along with Mr. Sanas -RFO and the entire Pune forest staff visited Anandvan 1 and Anadvan 2 to see the progress and guide us on new urban forest developments and understand Anandvan’s future projects and how can we jointly implement them successfully to make our city greener and give the citizens of Pune natural oxygen chambers.
We sincerely thank Mr. Rahul Patilji for the timely help and guidance he gives.
Please Join Anandvan’s Urban Forest movement.
A joint initiative of the Department of Forests and Anandvan Mitra Mandal (NGO).

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