Flaring Wildfire Destroys Well-Conserved Flora at Anandvan 2

Stop destroying AnandVan forest flora
This is the second time there was a fire at AnandVan 2 due to human negligence or someone deliberately doing this .
Thanks to our little volunteers Ashmit, Yash, Saicharan and Prachi who alerted the fire and we quickly put out the fire and save the saplings which the volunteers planted with lots of love.
We humans do not understand the serious implications of this negligence.
These flames from these fires destroy the food source and homes of many animals, threatening their survival.
The wildfires are the result of human error.
So, be mindful of where you discard cigarettes, flammable liquids, and smoking materials and make sure they are never tossed on the ground.
Let’s all focus on retrieving the forest not destroying it.

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