Anandvan Plantation Program: Bamboo Plant Count Exceeds 300!

Mission AVMM2021 updates:
Anandvan has started plantation program by planting Bamboo trees in an elegant necklace shape
Fact:  Bamboo is a fast growing plant and its wide network of roots and rhizomes is highly effective in keeping a check on soil erosion by holding/binding the soil firmly, thereby preventing soil loss from ravines
With today’s work of 31 trees, we have crossed 300 mark.
Total plant done: 308
And also a beautiful day as Aditya the young boy chose to celebrate birthday with Anandvan forest
Anandvan wishes Happy Birthday to Aditya
Join us at Anandvan and support us
Days- Monday to Friday
Time- 6:30 am to 9 am IST

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